come as you are.

Anonymous :
How do you move on from someone who has mistreated you so badly in the past? I've had this first love. I loved him with all my heart and more, but he completely just abused me a lot. We were on and off for 5 years and ceased contact 3 years ago. 18 when I stopped talking to him, 21 now. I'm still bitter and I never had the closure I wanted. I refuse to contact him, but I see him happy now that he's heading to the army. There are times when I'm okay, but I wonder if he really did care about me.
where-the-heart-is :

You must remind yourself that the love he had to offer you was not a love that you would want or need. Love is not selfish enough to raise a hand or a voice. Love is patient, kind and gentle. Your closure is that you deserve much better than he could give you. Your closure is that your efforts made you grow - they were not wasted, no matter how much it seems they are. Allow yourself the gift of moving forward. 

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